Guardall have a wide range of break glass units from the most traditional unit with the little hammer for breaking the ceramic tube to release the door through to the top of the range electronic re settable type.


Break glass fire door emergency release devices are very important, they must reliably release doors in the event of an emergency, for that we offer the most basic type with a breakable ceramic tube, a non electric type that can be used in any situation without the need to get power cabling to a particular area, these are the Redlam panic bolt, used for decades in factories and public buildings. These can be fitted to any door within minutes and offer an easy and low cost alternative to electromagnetic types.


The second variety is the traditional “break Glass” unit which has a treated glass panel which when light pressure is applied the glass panel breaks, releasing a micro switch in turn releasing the door, the only problem is the old human trait of lets see if it works?? this can be a problem as you then have to replace the glass panel, they are quite cheap but it is the time and effort involved with getting the replacement and installing it, this can be an ongoing problem in public areas like schools. Clear covers are available to try and minimise the risk of people “testing” them.


That is why we also supply a re-settable type, instead of a breakable glass panel they have a spring loaded plastic section that when pressed releases the micro switch, in turn releasing the door lock, these come complete with a clear plastic face cover and a re-set key, so instead of having to replace the glass panel, a reset key is inserted and the mechanism is once again ready for operation, they are a little dearewr to start with but they do save time and money in the long term, there are three colours available red, green and white.

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Guardall Security offer a wide range of electric door strikes, we have one for nearly all requirements. From strikes for glass doors to gates and everything in between, we even have  AS 1530.4 – 2005, 4 hour fire rating on many of our strikes.

There are a many things to consider when working out what type of electric door strike is necessary for your application.


1:   The first and most basic is whether you need FAIL SAFE (when there is no power the strike is in the unlocked position) OR FAIL SECURE (when there is no power the strike remains in the locked position), this is particularly important if the installation is in a public building or if security is important.

2:   What kind of door or gate is it that you are trying to operate, if it is out in the weather it will need to be water resistant, glass doors have a special one as well.

3:  What is the voltage you need some of our strikes are rated 12v – 28v, others are specifically rated 12v or 24v, AC rating or DC rating is also important.

4:   Do you need a monitored strike, this means do you need to know if the strike is locked/unlocked, is the door in  the closed or open position or is the door locked? These are all very important in some situations.

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Gate locks



Selecting the right one!

Listening to people over the years, advising and trying to achieve good outcomes has made me learn that the most important thing is select the lock and the look, before you engage someone to make your gate, gates can be hugely expensive and if you want the gate to look and operate how you want, you need to select the locking type you want. Do you want a surface mounted unit? What about a mortice type electric gate lock, they look much neater than anything else! But are the most difficult to install. What kind of action, do you want the lock to throw the gate open? Or do you just want it to unlock and be ready to open when you want. Are handles important, the list of questions goes on a bit.




Guardall Security offer a complete range of locks to suit any gate arrangement you might like.

Mortice type gate locks are most favoured by people trying to get the most streamlined look, or minimalist look, these types do not throw the gate open, they simply unlock and wait for someone to open and close the gate, on our web site you can see the different sizes. The Cisa 11721/11921 series are similar in that all they do, when the electric charge is sent to  the lock it simply draws the locking bolt, the gate only opens when pushed or pulled, the are the most basic surface mount locks. The Viro 9087 and 9724 surface mount units are very different in that when the electric pulse is applied, the action of the locking tongue actually throws the gate open, as do the Cisa Elettrika series, these last types are the most reliable and strong out of all of our locks, they even have the added feature of an exit button built in.

Decision Time.

Always remember, choose your lock and look before you build your gate, not only are electric gate locks the best way of automating your gate access to allow remote triggering, they will also outlast many outdoor rated strikes. With a little care and attention you should get years of reliable service. Don’t forget your maintenance!!



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Conduit type cable transfers


Conduit type cable transfers are probably the easiest in terms of use, given they simply just screw to the surface. Unfortunately this also leaves them out in the weather, and as well, open to tampering and vandalism.

We have box end conduit transfer loops as well as the basic light duty plastic end type, Guardall also keep stainless steel conduit available by the metre that can be fitted off to standard conduit glands and connected to ridged PVC conduit to provide an extended flexible alternative that will be neat and tidy for any application outdoors.



At Guardall Access Controls we have many other varieties available apart from the conduit type, we cover all varieties of the spring type cable protectors, we offer the recessed cable cover, most of our cable covers are fire tested and are available in round and square end.

We even have the contact type, made in Italy, removing the necessity to even run cables that would need to have a cable protector. Power transfer hinges are also available, although these are a very expensive alternative and would generally only be used in the highest security arrangements.



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